Emergency Callout, Service & Maintenance

Emergency Call Out - Help

Service – Emergency Call-Outs

When your Air Conditioning stops working we understand this can be serious, sometimes a real emergency, especially when your guests have just flown in, humidity levels are high and the A/C unit wont switch on, or its leaking water, it needs to be sorted quickly.


Maintenance Team

Maintenance (Planned Preventative Maintenance)

Your air conditioning & heat pump systems are a major investment and naturally you will want to protect and ensure their life as much as you would if you purchased a new car.

The majority of good manufacturers are now offering 5-year warranties, subject to annual maintenance by an F-GAS Certified Company (ND-AC Services Ltd). If you do not have your equipment serviced these warranties become null and void, which could result in expensive repairs even on a new system.

 So why have a Maintenance Contract?

When operating a system without regular maintenance the following can occur;

  • High Operating Costs
  • Reduced Cooling Capacity
  • Reduced Heating Capacity
  • Uncomfortable atmosphere (high humidity, resulting in irritable staff and customers)
  • Can cause Sick Building Syndrome’ (unpleasant smells, bacteria, viruses etc)
  • Unhygienic and unsightly to your clients and customers (especially in Restaurants and Food Retail)
  • Water leaks (resulting in damaged goods, flooring, pictures, customers clothing)
  • Expensive repairs

Here are some examples;

Dirt build up on fan blade, removed on maintenance

Fan Blade 50% blocked, restricting airflow and cooling capacity.


Blocked outdoor condenser coil, cleaned on maintenance

Blocked Outdoor Condenser Coil, caused unit to trip on high pressure.


This grille was in a Health Clinic Reception?

Unsightly air discharge grille and ceiling tiles


Fire Risk - damaged wiring caused through loose connection

Damaged wiring caused through loose connection, which resulted in overheating.

What does our Maintenance Contract include?

Our Maintenance Contracts are specifically tailored to suit each individual client, their particular environment, location, installation, usage and budget and are planned to minimise disruption to your business, staff and customers.

The frequency of visits varies based on the aforementioned points, but as a guide and to comply with manufacturer’s warranties, latest F-Gas and ODS legislation you would expect:

Residential – Annually (6 monthly at high usage)
Offices (light commercial) – 6 Monthly
Retail (Restaurants/Leisure) – Quarterly
Industrial (heavy use) – Monthly

Our visits include the following activities as standard;

  • F-Gas Compliance
  • Cleaning of fascia covers, diffusers, grilles and surrounding areas (ceiling tiles, etc)
  • Chemical cleaning of indoor and outdoor heat exchangers
  • Strip and clean of condensate trays and sumps
  • Cleaning of condensate outlet pipes and drains
  • Remove and wash air filters, sanitise washable type and replace disposal ones
  • Inspect and test local electrical isolators, connections, MCB’s, RCD’s and fuses
  • Inspect and test fan motors, bearings, mountings and drive belts
  • Test safety interlock devices
  • Operate system in all modes and record results
  • Check and adjust time clocks
  • Check for undue noise/vibration
  • Submit full report on completion

 Important Notes

  1. All parts and materials are chargeable unless otherwise stated
  2. Non Contract Clients are subject to Call Out Charges, Variable Labour Rates (based on time of day, Weekend or Bank Holidays) and response times are generally 2 to 3 days (longer during Summer Months) as Contract Clients take priority.
  3. We reserve the right to adjust or amend our rates at anytime, to account for any increased costs, taxes or Government Legislation.